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Tbilisi - Shatili

Day 1.  (Tbilisi - Chargali - Shatili)
 At about 7 9 o’clock in the morning we will travel towards Pshav-Khevsureti;
 After three hours travel, we will have a little rest in the village Chargali where we can see the sights of the house-museum of the famous Georgian writer and poet Vazha-Pshavela;
 After excursion in the house-museum, we continue our way towards Shatili;
 Arrival in Shatili, accommodation to the hotel/having dinner;
 After dinner and a little rest we can walk and have a detail excursion in Shatili; (Shatili is distinguished with its especially interesting architecture)
 After excursion in Shatili, we will be back to the family hotel;
 Having supper and spending the night in the family hotel.

Day 2.  (Shatili - Mutso - Ardoti - Mtskheta - Tbilisi)
 Breakfast in the family hotel;
 After breakfast we will go towards Mutso;
 After about forty minutes trip, we will visit to Mutso, where we can see the famous fortresses;
 After excursion in Mutso, we will go to the high-mountainous village Ardoti that is one of the thinly-populated villages in Georgia;
 After excursion in the village Ardoti, we will return to Shatili;
 Arrival in Shatili / having dinner in a family hotel;
 After dinner and a little rest we will go towards Tbilisi city; (through 
Mtskheta city)
 At about four-hour trip we will visit to the former capital of Georgia where we can see the most beautiful cathedral Svetistskhoveli and monastery 
complex in it.

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