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Tbilisi - Zugdidi - Mestia - Tbilisi

(Tbilisi - Zugdidi)
 One day prior to the tour we will get in the train and travel towards Zugdidi;

Day 1.  (Zugdidi - Barjashi - Mestia)
 At about 7 o’clock in the morning, the train will arrive in Zugdidi city;
 At arriving to Zugdidi we will take a transport facility and go towards the administrative center of Svaneti – Mestia townlet; (Georgian Daba)
 After about half an hour trip we will have a little rest at Enguri Hydropower station and review it briefly; (Enguri Hydropower Station: the largest hydropower station in Transcaucasia and CIS)
 After brief review of the above hydropower plant, we continue our way towards Mestia via transport facility;
 After about forty minutes trip, we will stop to the village “Barjashi” and have breakfast at Svanetian restaurant;
 After breakfast and a little rest we will travel again towards Mestia city;
 Arrival to Mestia, accommodation in a family hotel, having a dinner;
 After a little rest we will visit and see Mikheil Khergiani house-museum; (Mikheil Khergiani: a world-known Georgian mountain climber, union and world champion in mountaineering for many times)
 After visiting the museum we will see the springs of famous Svanetian “Sour Waters”;
 After seeing the springs we will return to the family hotel;
 Having supper and spending the night in the family hotel.

Day 2.  (Mestia -“Atsvali” mountain - Mestia - Zugdidi - Tbilisi)
 Breakfast in the family hotel;
 We will walk towards “Atsvali” Mountain. Travel towards “Atsvali” Mountain by a transport facility;
 After a little travel we will leave the transport facility and go on foot;
 After a little pedestrian route we will stop and have a little picnic; (there is a panoramic view to the whole massif of Ushba Mountain and the system of mountains from the place of picnic)
 After picnic and a little rest we will return to the transport facility;
 Travel towards the ethnographic museum in the townlet Mestia;
 Excursion in Mestia museum; (museum is well-known with its greatest collection of icons and significant jewelries. Gold Fund of Zemo Svaneti district, the ancient gospels and manuscripts have been saved in the museum. The museum is unique with its significance)
 After excursion in the museum we will return to the family hotel;
 Dinner in the family hotel;
 After dinner we will take a transport facility and travel towards Zugdidi;
 Arrival to Zugdidi city;
 Getting in the night train / arrival to Tbilisi.

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