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Tbilisi - Lagodekhi

 At about 9 o’clock in the morning, we will go towards Lagodekhi; 
 After three hours trip we will arrive at the territory of Lagodekhi preserve; 
 After arriving to the preserve and having a little rest, we will be ready to begin our tour; 
 At the beginning of the tour, we will go to exhibition hall of the preserve at a little presentation about the preserve arranged for us; 
 After ending the presentation, we will begin a tour, which starts from “Gurgeniani” exhibition center. For the beginning, we will follow to path; (alongside with “Ninos Khevi”) 
 Picnic at the territory of the preserve; 
 During the campaign, we will meet the unique plants: “Galanthus”, “Julius Primrose”, “Georgian Chestnut”, “Great Georgian Oak”. We will see the most beautiful waterfall among waterfalls in Georgia, the scale of falling of which exceeds with 40 meter; (the route chosen by us, is rich with its wide animals: roe, deer, many beautiful birds and eagle) 
 At the end of pedestrian trip we will return to the transport facility and travel to Tbilisi city. 

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