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Tour Tbilisi - Mtskheta

  •  At 10 o’clock in the morning, we shall go to Metekhi church; (there is a wonderful view to the capital Tbilisi from the church)
  • There is the most typical place of Tbilisi architecture “Abanotubani” at about 5 minutes distance from Metekhi church, where we can see the various sulfur baths;
  • Seeing the sights of Shardeni and Bambis Rigi streets; (the streets were reconstructed in 2006 and they received their first image. The streets were distinguished by an interesting combination of European and Asian architecture and various café-bars that give to the streets vivid image and they are interesting for tourists)
  •  Seeing the street of Erekle the Second; (the street is famous with shops of souvenirs and galleries)
  • Seeing „Sameba“ temple, which is one of the first biggest temple in Eastern Caucasus; (Also see  cloister complex which is existed near-by temple)
  • After seeing „Sameba“ temple, we shall take transport facilities and go to the former capital of Georgia - Mtskheta;
  • At arriving to Mtskheta, we shall visit to Georgian restaurant, where we shall have a dinner;
  • After having the dinner and a little rest, we shall go to the cathedral Svetitskhoveli; (we shall see the church and the complex in the yard of it)
  • After seeing the Mtskheta city, we shall take a mini-bus and see the newly restored streets of Mtskheta; (after restoration, the streets have taken their first image)
  • At the end of the tour, we shall visit to Jvari Monastery; (the Jvari Monastery was built in the VI century. It is in the list of cultural inheritance of world. There is a wonderful view to Mtskheta from the entrance of the Monastery)
  • After seeing the Jvari Monastery, we shall be back to capital Tbilisi

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