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Tbilisi - Tsinandali - Alaverdi - Ikalto

 At 9 o’clock in the morning, we will travel towards Telavi city; 
 After about an hour and half trip we can visit to Alexander Chavchavadze house museum and look round it; (we will see and review the botanic garden and wine cellar in it as well, where the ancient and the unique check wines have been placed, (if you wish, you can degust Tsinandali wines) 
 After visiting Tsinandali house-museum, we will go towards Telavi; 
 After a little travel we can arrive to Telavi and have dinner in a hotel;
 After dinner and a little rest, we will go to see the cathedrals;
 Excursion in Ikalto Academy and Alaverdi Cathedrals; 
 At the end of the first day we shall be back to capital Tbilisi.

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