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One day wine tour in Kakheti region


  • At 10.00 a.m. we will go towards Tsinandali;
  • After an hour and half trip we will be able to see Aleksandre Chavchavadze house-museum; (we will see botanic garden and wine cellar in the house-museum, where there are the oldest and unique Georgian vintage wines as well, we will be able to degust seven kinds of wines in the house-museum)
  • After seeing the Tsinandali house-museum we continue our trip towards Telavi;
  • After a little trip we visit Telavi city and wee the factory of the famous Georgian Wine Company “Teliani Valley”, where we can see process of wine-making, see the depots at the territory of the factory and degust wine made in this factory;
  • Visiting Alaverdi Monastery; (we can see age-long pitchers at the monastery territory)
  • Setting off towards the borough Gurjaani;
  • At arriving in the borough Gurjaani, we will go to the local wine-maker’s family, see the family wine-making rules, participate in the making of traditional Kakhetian sweets and have supper.



  • Needed Equipment: Walking shoes, rainproof coat;
  • Duration of the walk: 2 h;
  • Duration of driving: 5-6 h.

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